The 80% Close Rate Formula

In this episode, Charles dives deep into the world of content marketing and digital sales strategies with Ryan Hanley, the innovative entrepreneur who transformed from a struggling insurance agent to a digital marketing powerhouse. Ryan shares his extraordinary journey of building and selling a thriving digital agency in just two years, all while revolutionizing the way businesses approach content creation and sales.

Ryan unveils his groundbreaking “100 Days, 100 Videos” strategy that catapulted his business to new heights. Through engaging anecdotes and practical advice, Ryan and Charles explore the untapped potential of answering real customer questions to create an endless stream of valuable content that builds trust and authority in any industry.

Ryan’s passion for authentic communication and innovative sales techniques shines through as he breaks down his “one call close” process, a game-changing approach that dramatically increased his team’s close rates. He emphasizes the importance of listening, empathy, and transparency in sales, challenging traditional notions of what it means to be a great salesperson.

Whether you’re a content creator looking to never run out of ideas, a salesperson aiming to improve your close rates, or an entrepreneur seeking to build a scalable business model, this episode is packed with actionable insights. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with the tools necessary to transform your digital presence and sales approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover Ryan’s “100 Days, 100 Videos” strategy for creating an endless stream of engaging content
  • Learn how to implement the “one call close” process to dramatically improve your sales conversion rates
  • Gain insights into building a scalable business model that leverages content marketing and innovative sales techniques
  • Understand the power of video proposals in closing deals and building customer trust
  • Explore strategies for pivoting your career and business in the face of challenges and industry changes



This episode peels back the layers of Ryan’s strategy for conquering the intricate world of content marketing and innovative sales techniques. He offers insights into harnessing YouTube’s potential for brand growth and his transition from content creator to digital agency founder. Ryan’s frank discussion about evolving from a content novice to selling his agency within two years provides listeners with a raw look at the grit needed to thrive in the digital fast lane. He underscores the value of persistence, detailing how his “100 Days, 100 Videos” initiative became his turning point in the insurance industry.


The dialogue takes a sharp turn towards Ryan’s groundbreaking sales approach, particularly his “one call close” methodology. Ryan unveils his concept of empathy-driven sales, elucidating how businesses can strike a balance between delivering value and sealing deals to foster robust customer relationships. He champions the significance of genuineness and openness in sales, illustrating how this philosophy substantially boosted his team’s conversion rates.

Charles and Ryan dissect the “one call close” technique, a framework Ryan crafted to help businesses cultivate trust and streamline their sales funnel. Their exchange is rich with practical advice for listeners aiming to refine their sales strategies in a saturated market. Ryan shares actionable tips on employing open-ended questions, mirroring and labeling tactics, and utilizing video proposals to close deals more efficiently.


The episode is structured to guide listeners through key strategies and innovations in Ryan Hanley’s journey from struggling insurance agent to digital marketing powerhouse:

  • 4:13 Digital Transformation: Ryan reveals how he pivoted from traditional insurance sales to digital marketing.

  • 7:12 Explosive Growth: Detailing the rapid expansion of his business through innovative content strategies.

  • 9:15 Overcoming Adversity: Exploring Ryan’s journey through career challenges and his subsequent growth.

  • 15:57 Client Engagement: Unveiling effective strategies for meaningful client communication.

  • 19:32 Content Creation Arsenal: Ryan breaks down his toolkit for efficient content production.

  • 23:24 One Call Close Mastery: Introducing the revolutionary “one call close” technique.

  • 26:00 Open-Ended Questioning: Demonstrating the power of starting sales conversations with open-ended questions.

  • 31:23 The Winning Moment: Ryan reveals the “kill shot” in his sales process.

  • 33:35 Process Transparency: Emphasizing the importance of clearly explaining the sales process to clients.

  • 35:58 Video Proposal Innovation: Exploring the game-changing impact of video proposals in sales.

  • 38:51 Proposal Delivery Mastery: Breaking down the nuanced process of delivering effective video proposals.

  • 41:26 Video Proposal Advantages: Highlighting the multifaceted benefits of using video proposals in sales.

The Bottom Line

This episode serves as a comprehensive guide to modern content marketing and sales innovation. Ryan Hanley condenses years of expertise into accessible insights, presenting a roadmap for businesses across all growth stages. He introduces his content creation philosophy, which harmonizes addressing customer pain points with establishing long-term brand authority. Ryan also provides an in-depth breakdown of his sales process and specific strategies for crafting compelling video proposals.

From individual entrepreneurs to established firms, the strategies shared offer a thorough playbook for building a content powerhouse, revolutionizing sales approaches, and crafting a marketing strategy built to last. Ryan stresses the importance of leveraging your expertise and sharing it liberally, moving away from reliance on traditional sales methods.

Tune in to uncover the keys to content marketing triumph and discover how to forge a brand that cuts through the digital noise. Whether you’re at the starting line or looking to scale new heights in your business, Ryan’s insights provide invaluable guidance for navigating the ever-shifting terrain of digital marketing and sales.

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